Sunday, January 20, 2013

La Cantante Repost

Chapter Fourteen on FFn

Observation Hours on TWCS

Observation Hours on AO3

I had never been so scared in all of my life. That huge, smelly fucker had his paws all over my Bella. I was surprised that I had the restraint to justpunch him in the nose. I was ready and willing to do more. Jasper saved me from getting arrested when he called out and I saw Bella sway. I sneered in the asshole’s face, “You got lucky, fucker. We see you again and you’re through.”
I grabbed Bella and scooped her in my arms. She felt so small and fragile. She was very lightheaded. I got her some water. I insisted that she drink it. Bella put her head between her knees. I gently massaged her shoulders with my left hand. My right hand hurt like a motherfucker. I was hoping that it wasn’t broken.
It better not be broken. Benjamin, my piano professor, would kick my ass if it was.
The rest of the group came up to the VIP section and their faces were all etched with worry. The girls appeared to look more guilty than worried. They were on the dance floor with Bella when fuckface started grinding up against her. Ben, the guy who saw my girl look at him in a panic, asked if Bella was okay. She said that she would be.
I glared at all of them and they sheepishly went to other places in the club. Emmett stayed behind. He was clearly rattled by the whole experience. Emmett, however, seemed to be more comfortable with me and Bella. He finally realized that I was ready to die for his sister. We shared a typical guy “fist bump,” and Bella noticed that I was cradling my right hand.
She tenderly inspected my injured hand. She asked Emmett to get some ice. I tried to be all macho and say it was fine and flexed my fingers.
My hand hurt.
 It hurt a lot.
I swore I felt some bones rubbing each other. Not good.

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