Monday, January 21, 2013

A Prescription for Love Teaser

Quietly, I slid into the bathroom and hopped up on the counter. Edward was humming quietly while he was washing his hair. He was wiggling his butt to the beat in his head. He rinsed his hair and turned off the water. Turning around, he swiped a towel from the bar and rubbed it over his wet hair. I folded my legs underneath me and waited patiently. He opened the shower door and stepped out. He was wrapping the towel around his waist when I decided to pounce.

“Are you ever going to tell me why you’re being weird?” I asked.

Edward screamed, dropping his towel onto the ground. “Holy FUCK! Bella, you scared the shit out of me!” he squealed.

“I highly doubt that since the room doesn’t smell like a toxic waste dump,” I giggled. He rolled his eyes, wrapping the towel back around his waist. “Seriously, why are you acting so jumpy?” My insecurities came flying back. “Do you want me to move out?”

“What?! No!” he said as he crossed over to me, taking my face into his warm, wet palms. He leaned down and kissed me softly. His mouth was warm and pliant, molding with my lips.

I pulled back, pushing him away. “No nookie. You’re talking, Cullen. Why are you acting like cat in a room full of rocking chairs?” He frowned and dropped his gaze to my chest. “No staring at the ta-tas. Answer me, Edward.” 

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