Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Angels and Monsters Teaser

“Bella, how are you doing with all of this?” Esme asked, her face falling and her warm hands wrapping around mine. “Your life has changed so quickly in the past month.”

“Tell me about it,” I said. “I meet my singer who also happens to be my mate. We piss off some psycho red-headed vampire who believes that Edward is her mate. For revenge, said psycho changes Edward’s best friend and in death-defying fashion, my true nature is revealed. Jasper tells me of how I was changed and gruesome nature of my death. I become engaged and married within a week. I have to change my mate, teach him the ways of being a vampire. It’s mind-boggling.” I snorted humorlessly. In some ways, my life had become infinitely better. In others, it had become devastingly worse.

“Those changes would fell even the strongest immortal,” Esme said quietly. “However, I’m talking specifically about how you were changed.”

I gulped and felt my stomach churn. The memories that Jasper showed me flickered in my mind like some twisted version of a slasher film. “It makes me sick,” I spat. “Why would this vampire do that? He took everything away from me.”

Esme sniffled, rubbing her hand through my long brown hair. “I can only imagine,” she cried. “I know what you’re feeling, though. My first husband…”

“I know. Carlisle told us,” I murmured. “Your bastard of an ex-husband was a monster. Just like James. They took our innocence without our permission. He took your child. James took my life. You’re lucky. You got revenge on your monster. Mine’s still out there.”

“Judgment will come for James,” Esme said coldly, her eyes frosting over. 

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  1. I dont even feel sorry for James, he has it coming!