Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Prescription for Love Update...

Chapter Twenty-Two on FFn

Chapter Twenty-Two on AO3

Chapter Twenty-Two on TWCS

“Thank you, Dr. Ferguson. We’ll be in touch,” I said as I shook the hand of the doctor sitting across from me, interviewing for one of the three attending positions at Cook County.
“I appreciate the opportunity, Dr. Cullen. Thank you again,” she said, nodding toward me. With a seductive grin, she smiled at Garrett. “I hope to hear from you soon.” Garrett gave her a tight-lipped smirk and got up, ushering her out of my new office. Once Dr. Ferguson left, Garrett slammed my door.
“If I get another flirty look today, I’m seriously going to cut a bitch,” Garrett growled, sitting down on the leather sofa in my office. “I know that I’m single but some of these female doctors are like cats in heat! This last one? She kept pawing at me like I was a dog or something.”
“She was pretty bad,” I chuckled. “Perhaps you should put on your old wedding band to get the desperate doctors to back off.”
“I flushed it,” he said. “I couldn’t bear to keep a ring that said ‘For all eternity, all my love, Kate.’ Fucking lies! All fucking lies!”
“Sorry, bro,” I sighed, sitting down next to him. “If it’s any consolation; that was the last interview for today.”
“Excellent. I want nothing more than to go home, shower and crash. I’d rather be dealing with patients than these moronic candidates for the attending positions,” he sighed.
Edward's new office

Garrett's car

Jasper's car

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