Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Surviving the Teenage Dream Update

Chapter Two on FFn

Parties and Working Stiffs on TWCS

Parties and Working Stiffs on AO3

The next few days in our home were much better. Kyra and Owen were talking again. Their relationship was improving but still had a long way to go. The relationship with us, however, was on thin ice. Kyra ignored her mother and tried to sweet-talk her way with me. The behavior of my oldest daughter was troublesome. I hated this distance that it was wedging between us. Bella was cranky and moody. I had a shorter fuse and was over it.

On Friday, my wife and I were hosting a party for everyone in honor of Alex and Demetri's fifteenth wedding anniversary. She was cooking tirelessly in the kitchen for the party with the help of my mom and Mia. Masen, Owen and Kyra were currently scouring their rooms and the rest of the house for the party. I was putting some finishing touches on the decorations in the backyard, which was set up with a large tent, dance floor and a DJ station. Justin was in my office, editing a video for his parents as his present for their anniversary.

"Uncle Edward," came the deep voice of my nephew.

"Yeah, Justin," I replied as I turned to him. He was tall with toffee colored skin and light brown eyes. His hair was in curls that stuck up from his head. His dad was African American and his mom was white. Justin was a striking young man. He had many people who crushed on him, both male and female. Though, he's struggling with his sexuality. Being raised by two gay men and molested by his mom, encouraged him to be turned off to women. However, he wasn't all too keen about being in a relationship with a man, either.

"I need help," he said. "I can't get this to line up to the song I chose." I followed him into the office and saw the video program opened. "I want the final montage to start with 'When I Fall In Love.' I've tried it several times and it just isn't jiving."

"I'll see if I can do it," I said. "I'm not much of a video guru. That's my sister."

"You're better than me," he chuckled.

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