Thursday, December 20, 2012

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser

Bella and I changed into our attire for the party. She wore a beige sweater dress with a pair of red heels and a set a ruby earrings that dangled from her ears. I was in a gray pin stripe suit with a white shirt and burgundy tie. We headed downstairs and noticed that guests had started to arrive. Matthew and his wife, Christina were chatting with Esme and Marcus. The boys, Edward and Embry, were already running around with Masen, heading to the basement to play on Xbox.

Charlie and Sue showed up next with Tim, Rose, Ava and Lucas following close behind. “SGD!” Rose bellowed as she danced over to me, wrapping her arms around my neck. “How are you?”

“I’m good, Rose,” I chuckled, kissing her cheek. “How are you?”

“Excellent. I’m heading out to LA in a few weeks for another planning meeting for the latest movie based on one of my novels,” she smirked.

“Which novel is this?” I asked.

“My latest trio of novels about witches,” she replied. “If all bodes well, they’ll be premiering next summer. I’m so pumped.”

“Congrats,” I smiled. Turning to Tim, I held out a hand. “Hey, Tim.”

“What’s up, Edward?” Tim said, giving me a man-hug. “Place looks great.”

“Thanks. You did a wonderful job with the renovations. How is your business?”

“Booming! I’ve got nearly ten crews out on fifteen different jobs, not to mention the crews I’ve got working on the various foundation sites,” he said. “Speaking of which, I do need to set up a meeting with your wife about a couple of the sites, arranging for the openings and such.”

“I’m available whenever,” Bella called from the kitchen. “Call me next week and we’ll chat, Tim!”

“Bellini!” Rose yelled as she darted into the kitchen. “Thank GOD you’re cooking meat. If you made us eat some vegan crap because Alex and Justin, I’d kick your ever-living ass.”

“Did she cook vegan food?” Tim asked.

“She did but it’s just for Alex and Justin. We’re having prime rib,” I chuckled.

Rose squealed, taking my face and kissing my lips soundly. “I love you and I love your wife for being 
carnivores. Damn vegans. Cows and pigs were put on this earth for us to eat them, not stare at their magnificence. They’re not magnificent. They’re yummy.”

“Rose, stop manhandling my husband,” Bella barked, glaring at Rosalie. “You have your own hubby to molest.”

“I was just merely saying that I was happy that you are serving cows,” she said simply, ruffling my hair. Rose stood on her tiptoes, hissing my ear. “Give your woman some good hard fucking tonight, SGD. She’s too uptight.”

“When everyone leaves, Rose. Bella and I have a date with our bedroom,” I smirked. 

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