Sunday, December 16, 2012

Starlet Teaser

After an hour on the road, Edward pulled into a quiet neighborhood. A secured neighborhood, much to my surprise. Edward spoke with the guard and was let through the gate. Inside, we wound through the tree-lined streets until we arrived at a fairly large brick home toward the back of the subdivision. He pulled into the driveway, parking the SUV. He got out of the car and punched in a few numbers into the remote garage door opener. It creaked up and Edward pulled inside of the garage.

The tension just grew inside of the car as Edward sighed. “Come on, Bella,” he breathed, sounding exhausted and drawn.

Fix this, Swan. You wanted this and now, Edward’s pissed at you.

Edward maneuvered our bags, carrying them into the house using a set a keys in his pocket. I bit back tears as I followed him with our carry-ons.  However, I barely got inside when I ran into a wall of Edward. He had stopped just inside of the house, panting erratically.

“Edward?” I whispered, putting my hand on his back.

“It’s too much,” he choked out, spinning around me and out through the garage door. I moved the bags from the middle of the room and followed him. He was sitting on the steps in the garage, his head buried in his hands. His sobs were heart wrenching.

“Baby,” I said sympathetically, sitting next to him. Gingerly, I put my arms around his shaking form, holding 
him as best I could. “I’m sorry, Edward. We can go back to the hotel if you can’t…”

“No, I have to,” he muttered miserably. “The reason why I haven’t been back is because of this reaction. It was too painful to come back. The last time I stepped foot in this house was the afternoon after my parents’ funeral.

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