Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Prescription for Love Teaser

“Now, back to Bella and her birthday surprise for Dr. Sexward. We have a mission, ladies. Let’s go over what she’s got planned for his royal hotness for tomorrow.”

“First, I’m going over to his place and cooking him breakfast in bed,” I said. I had all of the ingredients in his fridge to make him his favorite: Greek omelets with spinach and feta cheese, with a side of sausage and some silver dollar pancakes.

“Then, his birthday blowjob,” Alice snickered.

“Alice!” I hissed, knowing full well that I was going to give him some oral satisfaction after breakfast, but it didn’t need to be announced to the entire planet.

“Ali, that is my brother. I do not need to know that he’s going to get a morning hummer from my sister-in-law,” she giggled.

“I’m not married to him,” I teased, staring at Rose and arching a brow.

“Yet. Soon, though,” she smirked. “Back to Bella and Edward’s birthday. After the morning sexy times, what’s next?”

“Lincoln Park Zoo,” I replied. “We’re going to wander around there until we need to head to Wrigley Field. Edward’s throwing out the first pitch and singing the seventh inning stretch against the Diamondbacks.”

“How in the hell did you swing that?” Angela asked.

“A couple of weeks ago during my overnight shifts, one of the bigwigs from the Cubs organization came into the ER with stomach pains. He had acute appendicitis. Dr. Denali and I treated him and he was impressed with our professionalism and caring demeanor. The next day, he asked to see both of us and asked if he could do anything for us. We couldn’t accept anything, but I did mention in passing that my boyfriend was a huge fan. It was a few days later that I got a package in the mail, stating to contact the office for anything that I needed. I called up the office and made arrangements for the first pitch and seventh inning stretch for his birthday. Plus, we’re sitting in the owner’s box with all of the trimmings inside.”

“Edward will be over the moon excited, Bella,” Rose said, hugging me. “What about after the game?” She waggled her brows suggestively. 

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