Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Surviving the Teenage Dream Teaser...ANSOL/TGGTP Sequel

“Let’s finish our ice cream, Owen. When we get home, we’re having a family meeting,” I said. He nodded and inhaled the rest of the brownie sundae, leaving me two bites. “Thanks for saving me some, bud.”

“Mom will kick your ass if she knew that you had ice cream, Dad,” he smirked as he popped the last brownie in his mouth. I growled as I picked up the bowl, depositing it into the garbage. “Can I try driving home?”

“You can, but please, I beg of you, be kind to my brakes,” I snorted, handing him my keys. We drove back to our home and parked in the driveway. Owen and I walked into the family room, where the rest of my children were located. Bella was curled up on the couch, typing on her laptop. Mia was reading a book. Masen was playing with his PSP. Kyra was working on homework.

“Hey, Daddy,” Mia said as she looked at me. Her smile radiated from inside and she reminded me so much of Bella. She looked so much like my wife. “Owen, how was the driving lesson?”

“It was good,” he said as he sat down next to his little sister. “This book is good but the second one in the series is much better. I read it in like a day.”

“Do you have it? I borrowed this from my friend, Cassie,” Mia said.

“I do. Upstairs in my room,” Owen said as he hugged her. “When you’re done with this one, I’ll give you my copy of the second book.”

“Thanks, Owen,” Mia replied gratefully.

“Dad, you look like you’re about to murder someone,” Masen chuckled. “Your vein is throbbing.”

I rubbed my forehead and scowled at my youngest son. “I don’t want to murder anyone,” I said. “I do want to talk to you guys.”

“Another talk?” Kyra griped.

“Kyra Marie Cullen,” Bella snapped. “Need I remind you about your attitude?” Kyra wrinkled her nose and plastered on a fake smile. I sat down next to Bella who put her laptop on the cocktail table. I took her hand briefly, squeezing it for support.

“Yeah, we need to talk,” I said. “No one is leaving until I’m done. Got it?”

“What is it, Daddy?” Mia asked her brow furrowing.

“Did you know that I have another sibling? Besides Aunt Ali and Uncle Demetri?” I asked. Mia and Masen shook their heads. Owen bit his lip, shooting a look at Kyra. Kyra ducked her head and pulled her legs up to her chin. “Well, I do. His name is Emmett and he’s in jail.”

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