Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Angels and Monsters Update

Chapter Thirteen on TWCS

Chapter Thirteen on FFn

Chapter Thirteen on AO3

"I'm not ready, Bella," Edward said, a panicked look in his scarlet orbs. "I'm going eat someone."

"No, you're not," Alice said calmly from her seat in the living room. Her mind filled with visions of Edward ignoring humans left and right as we strolled down the street in Chicago. However, it did nothing to assuage his growing panic. If anything, it made it worse. My poor hubby…

"Edward, you have amazing restraint," Carlisle soothed. "You managed to get close to town without going into bloodlust. That's fantastic."

"But you won't let me into town," he snarled, frustration evident in my husband's tone. His temper was quickly unraveling and he wanted some positive reinforcement regarding his boundaries with humans. Carlisle was scrambling to calm down my very upset mate.

"Two reasons," Carlisle said as he sat down. "Number one, your eyes would scare most people. Red is not a natural hue for eyes. Number two, while you have restraint, you're still a newborn and you have extremely volatile emotions. You're tame in the newborn sense, but you could still explode and murder the whole town." It looks like Edward's going to explode on me. Shit!

Edward did look very irate and Carlisle's reasoning behind it was weak at best. I had to go to bat for my husband. "Can I make a suggestion?" I asked. "I think Edward would feel more at ease if he was able to interact with humans and actually go into town. I have some contacts from my time when I posed as a human. Granted, they're brown, but they'll mask Edward's red eyes. Additionally, I'll go with him. If he gets out of control, I'll shield him from the scent and pull him out." Edward looked at me, giving me a loving and appreciative grin.

Thank you for believing in me, angelI love you, he said in my head.

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