Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Next Chapter Update

Chapter Sixteen on FFn

Anger, Apologies and Injuries on TWCS

I shouldn't be mad. I really shouldn't but I’m absolutely livid. I’m livid at my wife. At Renee. At this whole fucking situation. I don’t understand why Renee was so insistent on weaseling her way back into Bella’s life. I definitely don’t understand why Bella is torn about Renee. That woman has caused nothing but trouble since she was a girl. The cops needed to be called and a restraining order needed to be put in place against Renee.

Bella had fallen asleep after her lunch with Renee and was crying. Her face was tear stained. I know that it was due to my cold behavior toward her. I probably should have backed away but I glowered at her stubbornness. I hated the fact that I made Bella cry but I was epically pissed.

“Daddy, can I have some foot snacks?” Marie asked quietly.

“Fruit snacks,” I corrected. “Foot snacks sounds kind of gross.”

“Sounds good to me,” David said groggily and loudly.

“Shhh,” I hissed at him. “Let’s leave and let your mom take a nap with Lizzie.” They both nodded and we slid out of the bed. I moved Lizzie to Bella’s side and they curled around each other. Nessie cuddled next to Bella’s behind and burrowed her nose underneath her paws. David, Marie and I went downstairs and I gave both of them ‘foot snacks.’  I turned on the TV and put in a video for them while I went to call my mom to see what really went down with Renee. 

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