Thursday, October 25, 2012

Author's Note for AIDA

Additionally, I want to address a few issues. First off, I want to thank my readers from Brazil who have pointed out some errors on my part. I did not know that when addressing someone, the tilde (~) was not used in saying sehnor or sehnora. I did learn how to add it to the ‘n’ by using ALT + 164 on the number lock (in case you were wondering). 

Also, I never meant to offend anyone with the monkeys and chickens comment with the ER (stated several chapters back). It was meant to be a tongue in cheek comment, not an actual fact. My biggest fear is to go to the hospital when I’m away from home. In fact, I did several years ago in Portland. I hated it because I had to go over my entire history since they didn’t have it on file (like they would at my hospital). I didn’t see a doctor that I was familiar with and let’s not get started on the billing…GAH! Bella has inherited my same fear and she uses her snark to try to bring that across. Her snarky comment offended some and I do apologize but it was not intended to be prejudicial or offensive, but funny.

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