Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Ilha do Amor Update

Chapter Eight on FFn

Trouble in Paradise on AO3

Trouble in Paradise on TWCS

I watched Bella as she slept. I felt like a total creeper but I had to keep my eyes on her. I wanted visual, tangible proof that she was here and wanted to be with me. Her tiny body was pressed against mine and her lips were puckered as she nuzzled on my chest.

And, well, drooled on my chest, too. She also groped me. Again.

Not that I was complaining…

God, when I kissed her lips, it was like nothing I'd ever experienced. Lauren was my first real kiss. Yes, I'd kissed Rachel Domascewicz on the playground when I was in second grade. Following that, I got punched by her and my glasses were shattered. I was scarred until I met Lauren, avoiding girls like they had the plague. Our kisses were okay. Soft and somewhat sloppy, relying a lot on major tongue action and fishy, watery lips. Nothing compared to what I felt with Bella. Her mouth was soft and sweet. She didn't wear that goopy shit that most women wear. Lip gloss? Her lips were naturally pliant and the most perfect shade of pink. Her mouth was sweet and I could have kissed her forever. When she opened her mouth to allow my tongue slide through her pretty pink lips, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. My heart was stammering in my chest. My stomach was being assaulted by bat-sized butterflies and let's not talk about the issue I had in my pants. As soon as her lips touched mine, my dick shot straight up and was desperately searching for her warmth.

It was a pussy-seeking missile.

Not happening, buddy. Not anytime soon.

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