Sunday, October 14, 2012

Angels and Monsters Teaser

We spent the morning and afternoon running around the northern part of Michigan and parts of Canada, hunting and fooling around. Bella had her first bear and loved it. Though, I had a heart attack seeing her go up against an eight foot tall grizzly bear. I had a mountain lion and I knew I found my favorite food. Compared to everything else I’d drank, the mountain lion had a sweetness that reminded me of chocolate and cinnamon but the tang of the most delicious steak, cooked to perfection.
Bella’s cell phone vibrated in her pocket sometime in the late afternoon. She picked it up and held it to her ear. “Hello?”

“Bella, when are you and Edward coming back?” came the tinny voice of Carlisle.

“We’re hunting but we can head back now,” Bella responded. “Is Alice okay?”

“She is. She’s finally calmed down and was able to draw the mystery vampire. Jasper knows him or at least recognizes him,” Carlisle said.

“Is it my sire?” Bella whispered.

“Yes,” Carlisle sighed. “Hurry back, Bella.” He ended the call and Bella began shaking.

“Angel, I’ve got you,” I said as I wrapped my arms around her waist. Her mind was flying. All of the recollections of her attack were spinning inside of her brain. As I watched her hazy memories, I was sickened at what this monster did to her. He mutilated her innocence with his body, his fingers and other things that made my stomach turn. Once I settled down, pure and utter hatred filled my being. I wanted to end this monster who brutalized my angel that I held in my arms. I crushed her to my chest and buried my nose in her hair, inhaling her scent to allow her to calm me. I refused to let myself to go into full bloodlust. I was getting out of control and Bella grounded me. 

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