Saturday, October 13, 2012

A Ilha do Amor update!

Chapter Seven on FFn

A Relational Shift on AO3

A Relational Shift on TWCS

I had to get away. Dancing with Edward in that smoky club in Rio was hot and I was turned on, immensely. Honestly, I think I needed new panties because the ones I was currently wearing were soaked with my arousal from feeling Edward's hard body pressed against mine and the sensual way he moved his hips. 

Seriously, though, I wanted to turn my face when I kissed his cheek and shove my tongue down his throat. I wanted to rip off his clothes and fuck him, right on the dance floor.

But, he's trying to turn over a new leaf.

Public fucking would not bode well for the reformed sex addict. Is he a sex addict? He's fucked 200 
people. He's damned sex addict. A hot sex addict…I need some serious help.

Plus, he wanted to fuck. I could feel it against my hip when we danced. Edward was hard. Not to mention, a big boy, too. Makes Tyler look like a mere tyke. Edward is ALL man.

Stop it, Swan. You're friends. Edward doesn't want you that way.

"Hey, sexy," I heard over my shoulder. I saw a tall guy standing near the exit of the bar to the patio I was standing on, leering at me. "You look a little lost, sexy. Perhaps I can help you?" His words were heavily accented and he had a 'I'm-going-to-take-you-into-the-back-alley-and-we'll-never-see-you-again' look.

"I'm fine," I said curtly. "Just getting some fresh air but I'm going to go back in, now."

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