Saturday, October 20, 2012

A Prescription for Love Update

Chapter Seventeen on AO3

Chapter Seventeen on FFn

Chapter Seventeen on TWCS

"So you just left," Alice squeaked. "You left Alinea. The restaurant that has a year-long waitlist for reservations."

"Yes, Alice," I said. "Your ex boyfriend was being an ass. We ALL left."

"Damn," she said. "I don't get why he's so hell-bent on hating you, Bella."

"I don't either. But, I'm not going to fixate on it. If Jasper hates me, then fine. As long as his hatred doesn't affect my relationship with Edward or his family, then I'm not going to worry about it," I said strongly. "Based off the reaction of all of the Cullen's, I don't think it'll be an issue. They were all pretty embarrassed with Jasper's behavior. I'm also guessing he got a stern talking-to when he got home. He just received his doctorate in history but he's really stupid."

"He is," Alice spat. "He let me go."

"Yes, he did. What moron would want to lose a wonderful woman like you?" I asked, hugging her. As I hugged her, our cell phones rang. We were getting some coffee from Perkalator. I desperately needed since Edward, despite his promise of just one romp between the sheets, was quite amorous. We eventually fell asleep around three in the morning. I had to get up around eleven to get to work at noon. Bella needed lots and lots and LOTS of coffee. And a sex ban from Dr. Sexward Tattward. Unfortunately, no coffee for us. Checking the phone number, it was a text from the ER. "Crap. Apartment fire."

"Ugh, I hate burn victims," she grumbled.

"Me, too. The smell of burnt flesh and hair takes so long to get out of your nose and clothing," I cringed. My phone dinged again and it was Edward. He was called in since it was a mass casualty situation. "Edward's coming in early. It's all hands on deck, Ali."

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