Monday, September 3, 2012

Plot Bunny...

Has anyone seen any carrots? The bunny is attacking me! Make it stop!

Just kidding...

Anyhow, I've got this idea rolling around in my head. Let me know what ya'll think...Isabella Swan, a gossip journalist for Seattle Times, takes off on a solo vacation. Originally though, it was supposed to be her honeymoon. She got stood up at the altar. Her ex-fiancee, Tyler, was a sports writer for the same paper. He sent her a text right before Bella was going to walk down the aisle, saying that he couldn't do it. He loved another.

His roommate, Eric.

At the urging of her maid of honor, Angela, Bella leaves on her honeymoon by herself. No groom. Just three weeks on a tropical island off the coast of Brazil. On the connecting flight down to Rio di Janiero, Bella meets up with another woman, Alice Cullen, who is heading to the same location. She said that she was flying to Isle Esme (the island) to visit her family. Her parents own the island and her brothers help run the resort. The two women strike up a friendship and by the time the plane landed, Bella is excited to be on the island, away from the drama of her ex-fiancee, the fallout of his decision and the prospect of having to get a new job because Bella REFUSED to work in the same building as Tyler.

Edward Cullen is a manwhore. No lie. He bounces from one woman to the next on Isle Esme. But his manwhorish ways come with an explanation. His ex-girlfriend from college broke his heart by sleeping around with half of the campus of Harvard University. Behind his back. Edward, prior to his slutty predilections, had proclaimed his devotion to his girlfriend of nearly three years. But, when she had to tell Edward that she was being treated for a sexually transmitted disease, Edward was shocked. He'd only ever been with Lauren and now she was saying that she had chlamydia. It wasn't from him. So, Edward kicked her to the curb. He finished his degree in business administration from Harvard and flew down to Isle Esme.

His manwhoring began. Edward didn't care who he hurt. All we wanted was his release and then nothing else. A wake of brokenhearted women left the island from his lecherous ways.

All of that changed when he saw a beautiful brunette walk into the lobby of his parents' resort. She was talking to his sister and there was something about her that looked ethereal, other-worldly, and that he wanted to get to know. He shook it off and decided that he'd ignore the beautiful woman. He'd go about his business and try and forget her perfection.

But will he? Will Edward overcome his ways and fall for the beautiful Bella? Will she give this man-slut a chance after being burned and betrayed in the worst way possible? Time will only tell on A Ilha de Amor.


  1. GAHHH! Do you ever have a freaking brain fart or no good ideas??? Like seriously women. You kill me. School is starting again I don't have time to be glued to my computer waiting for an update LOL. But, yeah. Cool. I'd read that...

  2. Hell yes if you write it I will read it

  3. Wow! Awesome plot bunny, bb! Is the title Portuguese?

  4. Its sounds like a couple of stories that I've read (and Loved). I would read this because it would be like a combination of stories!

  5. LOVE it! Sounds great and I want more!

  6. I can't wait to read it.
    I just need to say two things. Since I'm portuguese (and a perfectionist) I can't help but notice that you misspelled Rio de Janeiro and the correct title should be A Ilha do Amor.
    Anyway, I'm sure this will be another great story. :)

  7. I can't wait for you to write this...sounds soooo good thus far!

  8. Teaser banner inboxed, Bunny :P Hope I come up with a good idea too before you start tossing the carrots at me *winks*