Friday, September 28, 2012

A Prescription for Love Update

Chapter Fifteen on AO3

Chapter Fifteen on FFn

Chapter Fifteen on TWCS

Who would have paid my dad's bond? I know that he had to come up with ten percent of the bond. Charlie did NOT have $25,000 lying around. He probably has less than a thousand dollars in his savings account. If that…

I started pacing in Edward's office. I had to get my emotions under control. I could feel my anger bubbling underneath my skin. If I didn't get under control, I'd be an extreme mess; sobbing, crying and hysterics. Breathe, Bella. So, I breathed. Deep and slow.

"He can't hurt me," I whispered. "He's got an ankle monitor and I've got a restraining order. Process…process…write and process." I sat down and picked up the pad of paper that Edward gave me. I tapped my pen against my lips before I started writing.

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