Thursday, September 13, 2012

A Prescription for Love Update

Chapter Thirteen on FFn

Chapter Thirteen on TWCS

Chapter Thirteen on AO3

"God, one more hour and then I finally have three days off," I groaned.

"Lucky bitch," Alice snorted. "But, you deserve it. You've gotten the short end of the stick in the scheduling department, Bells. However, it's all due to your tropical vacay that you're taking with hot doc."

"Hush, Midget," I chided. "I've never taken a vacation and I'm looking forward to it. Granted, it's two and half weeks in Oahu at the end of August, and it's totally fucking with my schedule now. I'll love it while I'm there. Soaking up the rays. Drinking a tropical drink."

"Getting your brains fucked out," Angela snickered.

I tossed a piece of paper at my roommate, glowering at her. She smiled sweetly, dodging my horrendous throw. Granted, it was paper but still the throw was pretty bad. I blushed and sighed. 
"Ang, stop. You know that we're not at that point."

"Yet," she giggled.

Since the incident with my dad, Edward and I went through that rough patch. Things slowed down tremendously. We had moved pretty quickly in our relationship and we've slowly rebuilt our connection. He took me out on romantic dates. I cooked him dinner and did little things that I could. We attended couples therapy and I still met with Michele. We'd also slowed down our physical relationship as well. It wasn't much, but we both felt that we needed to get the trust between each other back.

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