Sunday, September 2, 2012

A Prescription for Love Teaser

I sighed and twined our fingers together. We waited until the courtroom opened up for all of the arraignment cases. Based off the computer screens with the schedule of the cases up for arraignment, Charlie would be up relatively early. Bella and I took seat in the rear of the room, hiding behind the crowds of people.

Three cases were up prior to Charlie’s time in front of the judge. Bella was pressed against me while we waited for Charlie’s case. Two of the cases were drunk driving and one was child abuse case. The two drunk drivers were granted bail. The child abuse case was remanded to the Cook County Jail.

“Next case on the docket is the people of the state of Illinois versus Charles Thomas Swan. Charges include assault, battery, being under the influence of drugs and alcohol, public drunkenness, and harassment.”

“My name is Emanuel Schwartz, representing the state of Illinois,” said the prosecutor.

“Richard Potts, public defender for Mr. Swan,” said the defense attorney wearily. Charlie was leaning heavily on his crutches, looking a little worse for wear.

“What does the state want?” the judge asked.

“$500,000 with a restraining order for his daughter if he’s released,” Mr. Schwartz said succinctly.

“Your honor, Mr. Swan is an injured ex-police officer,” Mr. Potts countered.

“Who attacked his daughter in the ambulance bay of Cook County Hospital,” Mr. Schwartz argued. 
“There’s been a long-time history of abuse and neglect from Mr. Swan. His daughter feared for her safety when she spoke with the police.”

“This is for trial, gentlemen,” the judge grumbled. “$250,000 bond with a restraining order. Trial date will be determined at a later time. Next case!”

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