Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Ilha do Amor Update

Chapter Four on FFn

Head over Heels on TWCS

Head over Heels on AO3

Did that hot brunette that came with my sister just fucking flip me? Over her body? That's, oddly, turning me on… Can we do it again?

I stayed on the sand as the sun slowly rose in the sky. It didn't hurt me, I think, but the shock that she had flipped my nearly 180 pound body over hers completely floored me. It wasn't until I started to hear the workers that I finally heaved my tired body off the beach. I went back to my villa to shower and wash off the evidence of my coupling with that cute little redhead that Rose cockblocked me from the day before.




Starts with an 'r.'

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Let's talk like a pirate.

Fuck, I'm losing it. I really need to sleep more.

Fuck if I know…all I know is that she had a tight pussy and didn't scratch the hell out of my body as we fucked. But, I didn't enjoy it. I was getting tired of all of this. Despite my fear of getting hurt again, I wanted to let someone in. Seeing my sister forced that feeling. I wanted to open my heart to someone and feel whole again. The empty fucking and solitary existence of a bachelor was depressing me.

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