Saturday, August 25, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Update - Epilogue

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Six Years Later

"Emma, Ethan and Elyse, get a move on. We're going to be late for your mom's opening night," I shouted to my three children. Emma, obviously is my first born and is fourteen, going on fifteen. She's a freshman in high school but acts like she's much, MUCH older. More like she's a senior in college… Ethan, my only boy, just turned seven and is a carbon copy of me, except with brown hair. He's in second grade and a complete goofball. Elyse, our surprise child (or as Bella calls her, our 'oops' baby) is four and idolizes her brother. She is the spitting image of my wife with long brown hair and deep, chocolate colored eyes.

"Sorry, Dad," Emma said as she held Elyse on her hip. "Elyse fell and skinned her knee. I had to perform minor surgery. We're good though, right, Ellie?"

"Yeah. Tanks, Emmy," Elyse said as she hugged her sister. Emma smiled and kissed Elyse's head.

"You're welcome, peanut," Emma smirked as she put her down on the floor. "Dad, can I drive?"
I arched a brow over my glasses. "No, Emma. You've got a year before you start driver's ed," I said dryly. 
"You're only fourteen."

"Dang it," she scowled. "I had to try. There's this one boy in my class who is ALREADY in driver's ed. He'll be able to drive by second semester. He's a freshman. LIKE ME! Please, can I drive?"

"I feel for his parents, Emma Lily," I snorted. "Go find your brother. And no, you can't drive."

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