Thursday, August 9, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Thirty on FFn

Chapter Thirty on AO3

Chapter Thirty on TWCS

I watched her sleep. After Bella said she'd marry me, she collapsed against my body. Her body and mind emotionally, mentally and physically wrecked from our coupling. I was wide awake as I held her. Her beautiful naked body was pressed up against me and she couldn't get any closer to me. Not that I was complaining. I wanted her as close to me as humanly possible. Forever.

Yeah, that would probably be an issue when it came to going to work. But a guy can wish, right?

"No…James, please…" Bella whimpered. She clawed at my chest.

"Shhh, love," I cooed. "I'm here. James won't hurt you."

She sobbed and moved ever closer to me, tucking her head underneath my chin. I gently rocked her and kissed her forehead as she fell back into a deep sleep, her nightmare forgotten. But not for long. I'm not sure, but our lovemaking must have triggered something in her subconscious. She was a mess all night. She cried and begged for James to stop. I just held her and tried to calm her as best I could.

I eventually drifted to sleep around dawn. Bella and I were still tangled together in a heap of naked limbs. The next time my eyes opened, I was in bed alone. Bella's side was cold, indicating that she had been up for awhile. I stretched my body and went to get dressed, forgoing the shower for the time being. I padded downstairs, searching for my fiancée. I didn't have to look far. She was on the back porch, sitting on one of the chaise lounges with Emma between her legs. Emma was getting her hair braided by Bella and I smiled softly at their interaction. My baby girl finally had a mother. A mother who loved her more than life itself.


Edward's gift to Bella, but with Alexandrite, Diamond, Topaz and Blue Zircon

Bella's present to Edward with a Monogram: EAC

Carlisle's dream pants

Another pair of Carlisle's Dream Pants

Italy Clues for Christmas

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