Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

“Dad, can I drive?”

I arched a brow over my glasses. “No, Emma. You’ve got a year before you start driver’s ed,” I said dryly.

“Dang it,” she scowled. “I had to try. There’s this one boy in my class who is ALREADY in driver’s ed. He’ll be able to drive by second semester. He’s a freshman. LIKE ME! Please, can I drive?”

“I feel for his parents, Emma Lily,” I snorted. “Go find your brother. And no, you can’t drive.”

“He’s probably doing his hair or something,” Emma winked. “He got into your hair gel, old man.”

“Shut it, Oldest Cullen,” I chided. “All of these gray hairs in my head, they’re because of you. All this dating and boy nonsense. You’re fourteen! I should put you in a chastity belt.”

“Love you, Daddy,” she giggled.

“You love me now…but wait, just wait! When you bring over your first boyfriend, I’m pulling a Pop Pop Swan. I’ll clean my ‘rifle,’” I shouted after her.

“Dad you don’t have a rifle,” Emma replied, crossing her arms over chest.

“I’ll borrow one from Pop Pop.”

With an emphatic eye roll, Emma darted up the stairs and I heard her and her brother in the bathroom. Ethan was grumbling about not getting his hair right. Emma apparently fixed it as he squealed that he loved her and they both clambered down the stairs. “Ta da!”

Naperville Home

Ethan's Room

Finished Basement

Finished Basement

Emma's Room

Dining Room


Family room




Elyse's Room

Living Room

Master Bedroom (minus that nasty ass rug)

Master Bathroom


Upstairs landing

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