Thursday, August 2, 2012

Figure Eight Pic Teaser

 “No crying. Why are my two favorite women crying?” he quipped.

“Just having a mother/daughter moment,” Esme said, wiping my cheeks. “I have something for you, too, Edward.” She turned and reached for a bag for him. Edward reached for the bag and he looked inside. His green eyes widened and stared at his mom. Esme nodded. He pulled out a stethoscope. He gently ran his fingers over the stethoscope, specifically the initials on it. “It’s your dad’s stethoscope, Edward. I hope you use it and you save some lives with it.”

“I thought you got rid of this, Mom,” he said quietly.

“Never. Your dad wanted you to have it,” Esme said, tears falling down her cheeks. She stood up and hugged Edward. They both cried quietly, missing Edward Senior. “Pops would be proud of you, Edward Anthony.” They pulled apart and grabbed me into their embrace. We were a trio of sobbing fools, but it was the best kind of tears. Tears of happiness, contentment and most importantly, love.
It wasn’t until Carlisle cleared his throat that we broke apart. We needed to get going with the rehearsal. Walking into our backyard, we were greeted by the minister, who was a close friend of Carlisle’s. Everyone who was invited to the wedding, came to the rehearsal. After the actual rehearsal, we were heading to a local restaurant for some eats and treats. From there, the men were leaving for the hotel and the ladies were staying at the house with me.

At the restaurant, Edward and I gave a few presents to our parents. I gave Esme some jewelry to wear tomorrow for the wedding and Edward gave my dad a set of personalized pint glasses, a pocket knife and a personalized grill set. Before we split off to our respective places to sleep, our friends handed Edward and I a box. We shared a look and opened the present. Inside was a ton of sex toys, lubricants, lingerie and a thong for Edward. He pulled out a set of black beads and arched a brow. Emmett smirked and said that the anal beads felt great when a guy orgasms. Dropping them like they were poison, Edward hid behind me, whimpering quietly. 

Esme's Jewelry from Bella

Esme's Jewelry from Bella

Edward's father's stethoscope

Esme's dress

Charlie's Pocket knife

Personalized grill tools

Personalized pints

Presents from Alice, Jasper, Rose and Emmett

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