Thursday, July 19, 2012

Starlet Update

Nightmares on TWCS

Nightmares on AO3

“Bella, where are you going?” I asked as I watched her get ready. She was dressed to kill in a skimpy black dress and curled hair. “Why am I not going with you?”
“Jacob wants me to get to know my new costar,” she answered. “James and I are going to be working on that new film being directed by your dad. It’s the first of nearly five films. We need to have a rapport. Besides, Jacob will be there. So will James’ girlfriend, Victoria. I’ll be fine, Dad.”
“Bella,” I growled.
“Sorry. Look, I appreciate you worrying about me but it needs to happen. It’s just dinner. Jacob will be here in about a half hour to pick me up. Can you help me run lines?”
“Sure,” I sighed as we walked to her couch. I picked up her worn script and we went over lines and subtle nuances that her character, Becca, needed to have. Bella was the perfect woman to play this part since she had an innocence about her that she really played up when she fell into the role. That and she was physically perfect for it. Becca was a young girl with long, chocolate brown hair and wide doe eyes. Just like Bella.
Stop it. Boss, remember? No fucking the boss. You need to get over her. Find some random chick and bang her.
NO. I just want her. Only her. No one will compare.
“Edward! You’re spacing out, dude,” she said as she smacked my leg. “Why do you look like someone ran over your cat?”
“I’m allergic to cats,” I mumbled. “I’ve got a bad feeling about tonight, Bella. Jacob is always insistent that I’m with you everywhere you go, even while he’s there. Promise me, you’ll call me if you’re in a situation that you don’t feel comfortable in? Please? I would hate for you to get into any kind of trouble. Carlisle hates when actors and actresses dabble in drugs. You’ve been clean for nearly a year and I would hate…”

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