Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Angels and Monsters Teaser

Back at the cabin, Edward parked the car. Emmett approached with Rosalie, holding her close. I carefully molded the shield around Emmett and removed it from Edward. It was pretty seamless. Emmett’s mind only registered the scent of Edward for a moment before it was gone. “Congratulations, you two,” I said. “How was Canada?”

“Amazing,” Emmett bellowed. “And the scenery was okay. But, Rosie made it more beautiful. Right, baby?”

“Yeah, baby,” Rosalie cooed. “I hear congratulations are in order for you as well, Bella. I could hear Alice yammering on about a wedding?”

“Um, yeah,” I laughed nervously. I held up my left hand and twinkling in the diffused sunlight was my grandmother’s ring. “Edward proposed last night.”

“Isn’t that a little fast, Edward?” Emmett asked. “You’ve known her for what a week?”

“Shut up,” Edward hissed. “I love her and it hurts to be away from her. How would you feel if you couldn’t be next to Rosalie?” Emmett’s hand reached for his chest and he started panicking. “That’s what I thought. And apparently we’ve got some deep connection and it hurts even more when we’re apart. So, back the fuck off.”

“Jesus, Eddie. Calm down. You must have gotten laid. I’m surprised you’re so pissy,” Emmett snarled, dropping to a crouch. I hissed and jumped in front of Edward. I could see the vision of Edward and I making love in Emmett’s head. However, that could not happen. Not yet. Besides, I was so fearful with the recent revelations about my past of what our relationship would be like. “Protecting him, Bella? You can’t beat me. I’m a newborn. And if I remember, you lost an arm in our initial meeting.” His mind was reeling in bloodlust despite the fact that Edward was shielded. But I was the target.

“Emmett, calm down,” Rose chided.

“No! Edward is not ready for this and his temper is pissing me off!” Emmett growled. I zinged Emmett with a feeling of intense pain. He howled. “BITCH!”

“You do not understand, Emmett,” I said quietly. “You just don’t.”

“Don’t call her a bitch, you ass,” Edward snapped, pushing against me. I turned and forced him to his knees. What are you doing, Bella?

Don’t move, Edward. Do you want to get yourself killed?

In that brief moment, Emmett charged against me and threw me easily. I flipped and landed on the roof of the house. Focusing my mind on Emmett, I forced some pretty substantial pain to him and he growled, jumping onto the roof. By this time, Alice arrived with everyone else. She scooped up Edward and the rest of the Cullens were on my roof trying to subdue Emmett. I removed my shield from him so he could receive the calming waves that Jasper was sending. I tried to implant an idea into his head that Edward wanted this. He wanted us.

It wasn’t until Rose touched him that he relaxed. She took his face in her hands. “Emmy, you have to stop. Edward is feeling what you feel for me,” she explained. “Do you want to take away what he has with Bella?”

“It’s because of her that I’m this way,” he growled, pushing toward me. Rose narrowed her eyes at me. 
“Victoria told me that it was the fact that Bella encroached on her turf that she felt threatened.”

“Emmett, listen to me,” Carlisle said calmly. Bella, go to Edward. I’ll calm Emmett down. Your presence is only exacerbating the situation. I nodded and flipped off the roof. Inhaling deeply, I found Alice and Edward’s scents and took off after them. Roughly ten miles away, I could hear Alice’s thoughts and Edward’s yelling. 

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