Monday, July 9, 2012

A Prescription for Love Update

Chapter Six on FFn

Chapter Six on TWCS

Chapter Six on AO3

I almost kissed Bella. I so wanted to. I desperately wanted to feel her lips move with mine. To see if her mouth was as soft as it looked. Holy shit. God, she freaked out. Or rather, cleaned. It reminded me of my mother. Whenever she was upset or nervous, she cleaned. After Rose's attack, the fucking house was spotless. Anyhow, Bella said that she would be interested in pursuing a relationship with me but it has go slowly.

I can handle slow.

That doesn't mean I should kiss her when she makes AWESOME French toast.

Though, I want to.

Really, REALLY, REALLY bad.

Slow. Yes, must go slow.

I've been a fucking monk since the end of my marriage. The whole hatred of penises kind of put a damper on my masculinity. Slow is doable. I would handle slow to be with Bella. She deserves it.

Angela and Bella's Apartment Building

Bella's new bedding

Emmett's Ford-250

Edward's Volvo

Book Cover made by the esteemed Stephenie Masen (see the tat? That's effin hot!)

Picture that was found by one of my awesome ladies on my Facebook group...kind of fits with the story

Outfits for shopping (last chapter)

New Year's Eve Party - Alice, Jasper and Angela

New Year's Eve party - Bella and Edward

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