Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Update....

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Six months later

"So, Tim, we should be ready to open Memorial Day weekend, right?" I asked as I did a walk through in the Joliet foundation location. "Doesn't this seem like it's déjà vu?"

"Because it is," Tim snorted. "However, no psycho brothers to mess this building."

"Thank God," I grumbled. "How are the wedding plans going?"

"Excellent, actually. Rose and I are having a combined bachelor/bachelorette party soon. Rose is sending out invitations as we speak."

"Shouldn't your best man and maid of honor be planning the bachelor/bachelorette parties?" I asked, arching a brow over my sunglasses.

"You and Bella are too square," Tim laughed. "At least for what Rose and I want to do."

I shot him a look. "Is it legal?"

"Of course it's legal!" Tim snorted. "Rose wants to go to a strip club."

"You're kidding," I said flatly. "Why?"

"Because she's Rose," Tim shrugged. "And it's a strip club. Not a male strip club, one with naked women."

"Tim, you're soon-to-be wife is weird," I chuckled.

"She says it's research for her next novel," Tim said dryly.

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