Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Teaser

“Attention please!” came the announcer. “Please put your hands together for your special guests for this evening, the bride and the groom, Rosalie Hale and Tim Napleton!” Rose and Tim strutted out onto the tiny stage. Rose looked amazing in a skin tight turquoise strapless dress. Tim was wearing a matching shirt and black dress pants. They got to center stage and started bumping and grinding with each other, earning hoots and hollers from all of us in the VIP lounge.

“Take it off,” Bella shouted to Rose. “Show them titties, Rosalie!”

“Fuck you, Bellini!” Rose laughed. “You know my boobs are better than yours.”

“But mine are bigger,” Bella laughed. And they were. Owen hadn’t taken to breast feeding as well as Kyra. We had to supplement Bella’s breast milk with formula. But the fact that she was breast feeding made her perfect breasts even bigger and much more sensitive.

“You suck,” Rose frowned. “Any, ignoring my prim and proper Matron of Honor…”

“Prim and proper?” Jasper asked, arching a brow. “She just asked you to show your titties.”

“You suck, too, Jasmine,” Rose laughed. “When I met her, she was so virginal and innocent. Now, she’s soooooooo not. Thanks, SGD!”

“Much obliged,” I said as I toasted Rose, as I nibbled on Bella’s neck. “She corrupted me as much as I did her.”

“Yeah, hi! We’re the couple that’s getting married. Let us talk,” Rose said, arching her bitch brow at us. The laughter died down and Tim laced his fingers with Rosalie’s. “Anyhow, tonight is going to be a lot of fun. Something for everyone.”

“Really?” Demetri asked. “We’re in a strip club filled with naked WOMEN. Rosie, baby…we’re gay. We don’t like titties.”

“Or pussies,” Alex said, crossing his legs. “We want some man meat.”

“You’re going to get some man meat. We worked out something with Chicago Gentlemen for some pretties for those of you who prefer the male form,” Rose sweetly. “Anyhow, for your viewing pleasure, the ladies of the Score and the men from Chicago Gentlemen.” 

The below pictures are from Magic Mike. I couldn't resist. Movie kind of sucked but damn these guys were fucking HOT!!!

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