Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Angels and Monsters Update

Chapter Nine on FFn

Chapter Nine on AO3

Chapter Nine on TWCS

That night after Edward proposed to me, I watched him sleep. I also watched his very vivid dreams. They were all circling around our wedding and trying to make it happen as quickly as possible. I purred quietly as I held him close, scratching his scalp. Edward smiled as he cuddled around me.

Everything about him was perfection. He was a good, kind and loving soul. His heart was strong and his love for me was infallible. As was mine for him. However, I was troubled about his request to be a vampire. Yes, we couldn't do much physically until he was changed. I'd heard stories about succubi where the men's penises were hacked off while she came. I'm sorry, but Edward will remain intact.

Bella, Alice called to me mentally. Tear yourself away from your fiancée so I can talk to you!

"Alice, no," I hissed. "I'm mad at you. Really, a navy blue negligee?"

Hush! You look hot in it, she chided. "Come on! Five minutes tops. Then you can go back to cuddling with your Edward," she smirked as she poked her head into the tent. I rolled my eyes and extricated myself from Edward's tight hold. He moaned and frowned in his sleep.

I love you, Edward. I'll be right back, I soothed mentally before I kissed his forehead.

His scowl deepened as he tightened his hold on the pillow. Don't. Leave. His lower lip jutted out adorably and he rolled onto his stomach, grumbling quietly. I kissed his lower lip and left the tent, throwing on Edward's dress shirt over my negligee. The cold didn't bother me but I still have some decorum.

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