Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Prescription for Love Teaser

“Can’t sleep. Besides, I’m living through you and Jazzy. Did you hear? He’s in love with some sprite-like girl named Alice,” Rose squealed. “Come on, Eddie. Please?”

“I can’t stay on the phone for too long, Rosie. I’ve got to work,” I chided.

“That’s why God invented coffee, Edward,” Rose snickered.

“You suck, Rose,” I laughed. Then, I spent the next hour talking to her about the wonders of Bella. I could tell that Rose was happy for me and she seemed excited to meet Bella. I wanted them to meet as well. Both of them were dealing with some very real self-esteem issues and perhaps they could work through them together. However, Rose needed to eat a lot more and Bella may think that I wanted her to eat less. That’s definitely not the case. I loved Bella’s curves, how they molded to my body when we embraced and kissed. I couldn’t wait to feel her breasts in my hands and her luscious skin against my fingers.

Fuck, I’m rock hard.

“Rose, I really have to go. I’m working a later shift but I need to shower and…”

“And jerk off,” she giggled. “I get it. Look, later this week, I’m going to see a therapist at the hospital. Mom’s going to drive me. Perhaps when I’m done, we can get something to eat? Maybe I can meet your Bella?”

“What day, Rose?” I asked as I checked my calendar.

“January 22nd,” she answered. I penciled in a date for my sister and we hung up the phone. I jogged upstairs and stripped out of my clothes, tossing them into the hamper. Before I plugged in my phone to charge, I sent a brief text to Bella.

I miss you, sweet girl. I should have stayed. I hope your beluga whale is keeping you company – E

He is. He’s a better bed fellow than you, Dr. C. – B

Explain that, Nurse Swan – E

He doesn’t kick or hog the bed. But, I would still rather sleep with you. I miss you, too. I had a wonderful night tonight – B


  1. Cant wait. ROFL for the beluga

  2. awww I wanna read it already, looking forward to it