Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Prescription for Love Update!

Chapter Three on FFn

Chapter Three on TWCS

Chapter Three on AO3

I rolled over and groaned quietly. Shit, my head hurts! But I was also confused. I fell on the concrete. I should be feeling the nasty ass cold ground on my body. I'm warm and toasty? I cracked open my eyes and noticed I was in an elegantly decorated room that was dimly lit. I sat up but promptly fell back onto the pillows.

"Easy there, Bella," came a quiet velvety voice.

"Where am I?" I asked as I rolled toward the voice. My eyes blinked and Dr. Cullen came into perspective. He was sitting next to me, looking very worried.

"You're in my guest room. You took a header on the el platform and fell unconscious," he said as he gently placed an icepack onto my forehead. I hissed. "Sorry."

"I've got to go," I said as I struggled up. "My dad…"

"Bella, you were unconscious for three hours. You've a nasty bump on your forehead and unfortunately, I had to suture you as well," he pouted.

"But, my dad…he needs help. He lost his leg and has difficulties moving around," I whimpered as I sat up finally, fighting a wave of nausea and dizziness. "He's probably bitching up to high heaven thinking that I abandoned him." I stumbled out of the bed and nearly face planted, again on the carpeting. But, I never met
the ground.

"Will you stop squirming?" Edward snickered as he pulled me to his chest. "I should have brought you back to the hospital but I'm certain you didn't want Nurse Mallory caring for you."

"I'd rather become reacquainted with the concrete," I snarled.

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