Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Prescription for Love Teaser

Reaching for my phone, I turned it on and noticed I had twenty new messages. All from dear old dad. I listened to the first message and it was my father ranting and raving about how I was lazy ass fuck who didn’t care for him. I was a spoiled brat that would rather spend the night gallivanting then helping him. I cried as I listened to him scream at me on the phone, through his messages.

I deleted the rest of the messages, not wanting to listen to the vitriol my dad was spewing. However, I steeled myself against his actual rants as I dialed his number. It barely rang when Charlie screamed into the phone. “You ungrateful bitch! Where are you?” he bellowed.

“Nice, Dad,” I spat. “You are always worried about your bullshit. Never thinking that I could possibly be hurt.”

“Let me guess. You had a clumsy moment and you broke a nail?” he asked tauntingly.

“No, Dad. I did fall but I did more than break a nail. I have a concussion and I’m at the hospital,” I lied. “I’m being held for observation since I lost consciousness. If you need help, talk to Sam Uley who lives below us.”

“You’re being observed at the fucking hospital? God, Isabella. You are such a fucking klutz. How long did you lose consciousness? A minute? Fuck that shit. Come home. Right now,” he growled.

Edward came back upstairs and was holding a plate with a sandwich and a glass of water. He saw my tears and beckoned for the phone. “Hold on, Dad,” I said. “My doctor wants to speak with you.” I stared at Edward. “I told him that I was admitted to the hospital for observation.”

Edward nodded and held the phone to his ear. “Mr. Swan? This is Dr. Cullen. I was the physician on duty when your daughter was brought in, unconscious and unresponsive. It’s hospital policy for a patient to be kept for observation since the probability of said patient falling into a coma due to an intracranial bleed  or cerebral hematoma. Yes, she can leave but it would be against medical advice and since she’s a staff member of this hospital, she would not be allowed to return to work until she was cleared by her regular physician,” Edward said, pinching his nose. “LOOK, Mr. Swan. She’s admitted and is not leaving. Obviously, you are too selfish to realize the real danger that your daughter is in. If you cannot care for yourself, I can give you a few names of in-home health care nurses that are covered by Medicaid. Fine, call my superiors. Good luck with that, sir.” He clicked off the phone and tossed it on the bed. “Your dad’s an asshole.”

“I know,” I grumbled.

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