Saturday, June 23, 2012

A Prescription for Love Teaser

“Bella, why don’t you come out with me and the girls,” Angela begged. “We’re going to this new club. It’ll be fun!”

“No, thanks. I have to get home to my dad. He’s still laid up from his injury,” I sighed. Honestly, I’d rather go out with the girls. My father makes Mr. Tomlinson look like a kitten. The hatred my father has for me is shocking but I couldn’t leave him. Not now. He lost his leg after a bullet wound got infected and he wasn’t coping. And he was taking it out on me.

“Fine. But next time, I’m not taking no for an answer. You hear me?” Angela asked, arching a brow.

“Yes, Ang. I’ll see you tomorrow,” I smiled. She waved and skipped to the lounge at the end of the hall. I finished making my notes, speaking to the nurse who was taking over my patients and walked to my locker. 
Opening it up, I slipped on my coat and checked my phone.

No messages.

But then again, why would there be. All of my friends are here at work. Well, scratch that, Angela is my friend. The rest are acquaintances. With a heavy sigh, I bundled up and headed out into the chilled Chicago air. I worked at Cook County Hospital as a nurse. I earned my nursing degree while working full time since my dad wouldn’t pay for my college education. I worked as a nurse’s aide in a nursing home, caring for elderly patients in the dementia wing while I completed my course work. I hated working there; seeing those poor people who were just shells of who they once were. I made the decision that I would not work in geriatrics once I got my degree, finding the time in the ER to be the most exciting and challenging. 

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