Monday, June 25, 2012

The Geek's Guide To Parenthood Update

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"Edward, can you please hand me my fluffy socks?" I asked from my perch on the bed. "My feet are cold."

"Sure gorgeous," he said as he rummaged through my drawer. He found my socks and put them on my feet.
"Jasper, Demetri, Alex and Matthew will be here to help me finish Owen's room. You are not allowed to see it until it's done. Got it, Mrs. Cullen?"

"Yes, dear," I giggled. Edward rolled his eyes before he kissed me, leaving me to watch television.

I had been put on bed rest after our meeting with Emmett. Well, light bed rest. My blood pressure had elevated slightly and Dr. Payne put me on lock down for a few weeks. After that, I was able to move around more. Until I slipped and fell. I wrenched my back and I went into pre-term labor. I spent a week in the hospital but Dr. Payne released me as long as I stayed in bed only to get up to pee and to go to doctor's appointments. It sucked since I couldn't spend time with my family. Kyra was growing like a weed and was getting into everything. Now that she was crawling, walking and dancing, she was opening and closing doors, playing with everything and just driving poor Edward crazy with her shenanigans.

Alice had wanted to give me another baby shower, but we had so much stuff from when Kyra was a baby that we decided to bypass the baby shower. Most of the stuff was brand new since the first three months of her life was spent in Italy and Nana Esme and Papa Marcus spoiled her with clothes, toys, and other necessities. The gender neutral clothing would be used for Owen and the rest were given to Ava, Rose's baby girl.

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