Sunday, June 10, 2012

Figure Eight Teaser

Bella came out in her purple costume, holding her skates. She looked so incredibly beautiful. 
But the nerves had obviously returned. Her curled brown hair was shaking and she was biting her lip. I got up and took her skates from her hands. I picked her up. “Edward, put me down,” she hissed.
I glared at her, arching a brow and brought her back into back room where Alice had changed her. Shutting the door, I sat down on the hard plastic chair. “Talk to me, love,” I whispered.

“Edward, I know that we’re skating for ‘us,’ but I can’t help but think that this is the last time I’ll be preparing for a short program,” she replied, a lone tear falling down her cheek. “It seems stupid. I’ve made this decision, but I can’t help but be sad.”

“Bell, your entire laugh has been skating. I’d be worried if you weren’t sad,” I said as I wiped her tear away. “I’m sad, too. I’m embarking on a journey that I had long thought that I wasn’t going to do. Becoming a doctor. Plus, I’m starting late. I’m scared as hell, but I know that with your love and support, I’ll be able to do it.”

“But you have a plan. I don’t. Once we’re done, I’ve got no idea what I’m going to do. Coach? Go back to school?” she cried. “I have a degree in literature…but…”

“But, nothing. Bella, now is not the time to worry about this,” I soothed. “We’ll cross that bridge after we compete. Focus on skating the best we can and enjoying our time on the ice.” My hand snaked up and massaged her neck. “We’ll figure out your future later, baby. But we’ll do it together.”
She bit her lip and nodded, tears still flowing down her cheeks. I gently pushed her forehead to mine and held her flush to my chest. Her fingers were playing with my hair as I rubbed circles on her back. “How did you get to be so smart, Brit?” she chuckled.

“It’s a gift,” I quipped, gently kissing her lips. “You’re not alone in this, Bella. I’m with you. I’m your partner on and off the ice.”

“Okay,” she sighed. Bella closed her eyes briefly but when they opened, the confidence shone through. “Future later. Skate now and kick some epic ass.”

“There’s my girl,” I laughed, holding her tightly. “I love you, Bella.”

“I love you, too, Edward,” she mumbled into my shoulder. “Thank you for being my partner, my best friend and everything I could ever hope for in a boyfriend.”

Fianc√©. Husband. Soul mate. “I’m never letting you go, Bella,” I whispered, squeezing her tighter.

“Guys,” Carlisle called through the door. “It’s time. Your warm up is starting in fifteen minutes.”

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  1. Poor Bella, she been through so much. Now skating her last time. Of course she is scared. Edward is good with her. I was wondering if he was going to propose to her? After the skate?

    Anyway, love it. Looking foward to the update!