Tuesday, June 12, 2012

FanFic Recommendation

Now, I'm not normally one to read fics that are WIP. But, this story, Loving Bella, by Swervin35 is well written, thought out and I just adore this Edward. He's flawed but so damn protective.

The story starts with a dream of a man with green eyes, which Bella meets within a few minutes of waking up. The dream man is Bella's roommate's brother, Edward. Then Bella gets harassed by her nemesis, Lauren Mallory, calling her an 'Academic Whore' and accusing her of sleeping with her American Literature Professor. Edward, Alice and a helpful Angela are in the student union whilst this is happening and the harassment is brought to the dean's attention.

Anyhow, what captured my attention is how sweet Edward is to Bella and his loving nature. His flaws are also intriguing. Most Edward's are 'perfect' in every way with looks, money, and smarts. This Edward, while attractive and wealthy, is struggling academically in his Ivy League school. He seems 'deeper' than most Edward's.

Highly recommend it!

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