Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Teaser

Placing her in the crib, Edward turned to me. Worry lined his face and his golden eyes were filled with anxiety. I took his hand and led him to our bedroom. I pushed him onto the bed, I straddled his waist. “Bella,” he moaned.

“Shut it. We’re not having sex,” I spat. “Since someone is afraid that you’ll hurt me. But that’s not why I’m sitting on your lap, Cullen.” I smacked his head and glared at him. “Snap out of it!”

“You totally did not just quote Moonstruck to me, did you?” he said, his handsome face pulled into a frown.

“I did, Edward Anthony,” I snarled. “But, I’m going to ask you about another movie…have you ever seen Strictly Ballroom?

“No,” he said, his eyes fixed on the random bow on my maternity shirt.

“Eyes up here, Cullen,” I said as I forced his chin up. “I know my boobs are huge but they aren’t talking to you right now. I am. Anyhow, one of my favorite quotes from that movie is ‘a life lived in fear is a life half lived.’ Right now you’re living in fear, Edward. Emmett is behind bars. You, along with Alex, Matthew and Charlie, caught him and he’s going to pay for his crimes.”

“I know. But, I’m still so afraid…”

“No fear. Edward, no more fear. You lived most of your life prior to meeting me in fear,” I said as I tangled my hands into his hair. “We had all of our firsts with each other…first love, first kiss, first time making love…if you hadn’t talked to me online, PianoCompGeek81, we would have never met. We wouldn’t be together. If you were afraid, we both would be sitting in our respective homes, single and lonesome. Never to have had this life.”

He wrapped his hands around my neck and pressed his forehead to mine. “How did you get so smart?” he sighed. “Emmett is behind bars and based off what Kate told me, will stay there for the rest of his natural life. I just can’t shake this feeling, though. He may be behind bars, but there’s always that threat.”

“There’s a threat and it’s not Emmett. It’s life, Edward. You could cross the street and get run over by a car. I could go into labor and have complications. We need to live life to the fullest. Enjoy our time. Love each other, our children and our families.”

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