Thursday, May 17, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

“I need to shower as soon as we get back to the suite,” Edward chuckled. His skin was covered in sweat and his hair was matted down in a tangled mess. His lips were swollen from my kisses and he had this look of utter contentment on his handsome face. “It got a bit stuffy in the cabana while we were making love…”

“It did,” I chuckled, plucking at my dress that was sticking to my own damp skin. “Do you think Emma is still awake?”

“I don’t know. Our baby girl was pretty tired,” Edward cooed, nuzzling my neck. Ever since I called Emma ‘our daughter,’ he had broken down and said that I was the mother that she should have had from the beginning. Not Jessica.

“You like saying that, don’t you, Professor?” I snickered, wrapping my arms around his waist.

“I don’t merely like it. I fucking LOVE it,” he crooned, scooping me up in his arms.

“Careful, Cullen. Someone decided to pilfer my panties and I’m commando,” I said, poking his chest. “I don’t want to give the other guests a porno.”

“That would not be good. Your pussy is for my eyes only,” he growled lowly. His eyes darkened to a deep evergreen and I could feel his skin heat up.

“Behave, Mr. Cullen,” I cooed. “We have to get back to our suite before we can go for round two.”

“Don’t you mean round four?” he quipped, waggling his brows lasciviously.

“For me, yes. For you, round two,” I giggled.

“Just because I only got off once doesn’t mean I didn’t thoroughly enjoy making you come on my fingers or on my tongue,” he said huskily. “I think I need a reminder once we get back…”

“You are insatiable,” I breathed.

“For you, Mrs. Cullen,” he said as his mouth descended on mine. I moaned loudly and he stumbled, nearly dropping me. I smacked his chest as he put me down sheepishly. We walked slowly back to the suite, hand in hand. Sasha said that Emma had crashed shortly after watching some  show on dolphins on Animal Planet. Edward paid her and Sasha left. We took a shower together and making love with the water cascading over our heated bodies. Once we were ‘clean,’ we dressed in some comfy clothes to talk to Emma about our engagement.

Crawling into Emma’s bed, surrounding our daughter, we gently woke her up from her slumber. She was adorably confused, seeing both of us in her bed. “What’s wrong?” she asked groggily.

“Nothing, Emma-bear,” Edward said. “We have some news.”


“Well, Emma,” I said. “Your dad and I went out to dinner.”

“We celebrated our time together,” Edward said as he cupped my cheek. “Anyhow, after dinner, I asked Bella an important question and since it affects you, too, we felt that you should know and 
have some say…”

“Did you ask Bella to marry you?” she asked, hopping up on the bed.

“He did,” I answered, waving my left hand in her face. She yelled and screamed, jumping into my arms. Her words were garbled but I faintly heard her say that I was her mommy for real now. Edward wrapped his arms around both of us and we fell asleep in Emma’s tiny full-sized bed. 
Together. As a family.

My family. 

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