Sunday, May 20, 2012

Angels and Monsters Teaser

“He’s your friend and now he’s gone. I want to do something to help.”

“Just being here with me is all that I need, Bella,” he said as he kissed my temple. His velvety soft lips felt divine against my skin and I wanted to feel them all over my body. Edward growled lowly as he moved his mouth from my temple to my ear. Just like I had envisioned. Crap! I’m sending him my thoughts. I slammed my mental block down and pulled away. He pouted adorably. “Why are you moving away?”

“Cops,” I said as I saw the flashing lights heading our direction. Saved by the bell…Or sirens, I guess. Edward stood up and looked down the street. Two squad cars parked in front of Emmett’s apartment and we headed upstairs. Knowing that there was blood in there, I walked in with my breath held. I didn’t breathe for the entire time that the cops were taking Edward’s statement. They asked me a few questions, but I really didn’t have much to offer. The cops took our phone numbers and had us leave the crime scene. The crime scene investigation unit had arrived. They needed to scour the scene for any clues.

We took a cab back to my condo. Edward was talking to Ruth, explaining what had happened in Emmett’s apartment. Ruth was inconsolable. Edward had to hang up and call his mom to go over to calm down Emmett’s mother. As he finished his phone call with Betsy, his mom, we pulled up to my condo. Edward was dead on his feet and his mind was filled with sadness.

“Do you want to come up?” I asked.

“I should get home but I’m so tired,” he groaned.

“You’ve seen my place. I have a very nice guest bedroom,” I offered. “Please? I don’t want you getting hurt because you’re exhausted.” I pushed out my lower lip and widened my eyes.

“God, that look is pitiful,” Edward chuckled. “But how can I deny it? I’ll stay.”

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