Sunday, April 15, 2012

Starlet Update...


Stop the pounding. Make the African drums in my head cease. I'm in fucking hell.

"Isabella. Get your sexy ass up."

"Fuck off," I growled.

"Your god damn phone has been ringing for the past fifteen minutes."

I pulled the pillow away from my face. I'm not in my condo. Where in the hell am I? I sat up and saw that I was naked. Great, another one night stand. Who did I fuck? I pulled the sheet tight around my body and glared at my fuck-buddy. "Who are you?" I asked.

"Seth," he replied. "You should have remembered. You screamed my name all night last night." He ran his finger down my cheek to my breasts. It circled around one of my nipples. "Fuck, Isabella, you're amazing."

"Thanks, Seth," I said as I stood up from the bed. "Where's the bathroom?" I rubbed my hand over my face, trying to hide the grimace from too many tequilas. Ugh, my mouth tastes like a cotton ball laced in nicotine and arsenic. LOVELY.

"You know, the best way to get rid of a hangover is an orgasm," Seth purred, pulling my sheet down revealing my naked chest. His head dipped and he suckled on my tits. I moaned and tangled my hands into his short black hair. His hand glided down my belly to my pussy when my phone rang from my purse. "Shit, Isabella. That god damned phone is a fucking cock block."

"Sorry," I said as I danced over to my purse. I conveniently forgot the sheet, giving Seth a free show of my pussy while I bent over. "Fuck!"

"What baby?" Seth cooed as he slid behind me. His dick was covered with a condom and he was raring to go. I wiggled my butt as he teased me with his cock. "You want me?"

Bella's interview outfit

Edward's Interview outfit

Edward's truck

Bella's audition

Edward's Volvo

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