Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Teaser

“Okay, yeah, I need to get my ass in gear.” I dialed Demetri’s number.

“What up, brother?” he chuckled.

“Can you drive me to the airport tomorrow?” I rushed out. I was getting a flight to LAX for me and Kyra. “I want to surprise Bella. Oh and one of the bodyguards, too?”

“Sure, Edward. When’s your flight?” he chuckled.

“Um, hold on. I’ m getting it now,” I said. I entered in my credit information and managed to get a flight at the ass crack of dawn. “My flight is at 5:45.”

“AM?” Demetri groaned. “Are you serious? Can’t you just get a limo?”

“Kyra is going to be with you and it just makes sense for you to drive us,” I hedged.  “Please, Dem?”

“What crawled up your ass that you need to see Bella? She’s going to be home in a few days,” Demetri said flatly.

Yeah, just found out I’m going to be a daddy again. I want to surprise my wife. “I just miss her,” I muttered. “Please? Pretty please? I’ll even let Alex kiss me if you drive us to the airport.”

“With tongue, Cullen,” Demetri snickered. “God, my husband’s infatuation with you is unreal. But he knows who his love is. And that would be me in my seven inch splendor…”

“Gross, Demetri. I did NOT need to know how long your dick is,” I shuddered. “Besides, I’m bigger.”

“Shut the fuck up! Really?” Demetri squealed. “You’re such a skinny fucker.”

“That has nothing to do with penis size, Demetri,” I chortled. “So, will you?”

“Fine. I’ll be at your house by four,” he grumbled. “I’m assuming you’re out for the rest of the week, too?”

“Yep. You’re in charge. Don’t burn down the building or crash the servers, please?”

“You’ll have your laptop and I can call you if there’s an emergency, right? Jasper is not back yet from China,” Demetri wheedled.

“Of course, Demetri. I’ll have my laptop and cell phone. I’m not leaving the country. I’m just visiting my wife,” I smiled. Making love to her in response to our news. Our new baby. “I’ll see you tomorrow. I have a few more arrangements to make before I go to bed.”

“Okay. Later, Edwina,” Demetri snickered.

“Don’t make me kick your ass. Say goodnight, Dem.”
“Fuck off,” Demetri laughed. He hung up the phone.

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