Friday, March 30, 2012

Plot Bunnies

So, I've got a few ideas floating through my head for potential stories. One is AH/AU and the other is a human Edward and Vamp Bella.

AH/AU - Bella is an A-List movie star but she's going through some difficulties with alcohol, drugs and sluttiness. (A Lindsay Lohan moment, as it were). Edward is her body guard who is secretly in love with her. However, he's worried about her behavior and is ready to chuck in the towel. Bella tries to get clean for Edward and manages to do so for a time but falls into old habits when her publicist/ex-boyfriend feeds her illegal substances. Edward leaves and...that's all I have so far.

For the vamp story, Bella is a vampire who feeds off of humans. She doesn't remember her human life but she knows that it was not pleasant since her demeanor is gruff, harsh and nasty. One night, while hunting in Chicago, she finds a young, college student, Edward Cullen, whose blood sings to her. However, another vampire, Victoria, is also hunting Edward. Despite the call of his blood, Bella takes Edward into her protection and they hide. In hiding, Edward breaks through all of Bella's barriers to reveal the lost human underneath the hard exterior of the frightened girl who was turned into a vampire.

So, do these sound interesting? Let me know...I'm planning on doing a one-shot for a friend, Mina, using one of these ideas and then expanding it into a multi-chapter story.


  1. i think both idea are awesome. :)

  2. they both sound amazing bb, i can't wait to read your piece looking forward to both of them :) <3

  3. both sound interesting , I love reading human Edward and vampire Bella fics that be my chose but whatever you decide I'll read , love your fics your so good at it

  4. If I really had to choose it would be Vamp Bella/Human Edward. Something I love to read and that you haven't tried yet. I'd love to read your take on it.