Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Geek's Guide to Parenthood Teaser

Leaving them was harder than I anticipated. I sobbed the entire time in first class to LA. My poor seatmate didn’t know what to do. She just kept handing me Kleenexes while my snot dribbled down my face. However, I had a job to do. An important job for Rose. I managed to pull myself together for the meetings I had scheduled that afternoon with Summit.

The first few days of meetings were spent discussing the changes to the script that Rose wanted. I fought tooth and nail to keep them intact. However, there were a few that I lost, but they were minor changes. I dragged my body back to the posh hotel that the studio set me up in: The Beverly Wilshire Hotel. It was swanky and the bed was incredibly comfortable. However, it was missing two things.

Edward and Kyra.

We spoke every night on the phone and on Skype so I could see my daughter. But it was not the same.

Tonight, however, I was cranky, bitchy and all I wanted was my husband and daughter. The movie executives were being assholes about the director they wanted to hire. He was one from Rose’s ‘Do Not Hire or This Movie Will Suck’ pile. I eventually called an end to the meeting, saying I needed to contact Rose. In all honesty, I just needed to get the hell out of there or I would stick my stiletto heels into their eyeballs.

I dialed Edward’s cell phone, waiting quite impatiently for him to pick up. “Hello, you’ve reached the cell phone of Edward Cullen. I’m currently unavailable at the moment…”

“God damn it,” I growled as I sat down on the bed, pumping my foot angrily. I dialed Ricky, only to go directly to his voicemail. “What the hell? Where is he?” I flopped back on the bed, desperate to talk to my husband. A few moments later, my phone pinged in my hand.

At the foundation, gorgeous. More sabotage. I’ll talk to you soon. Love you – SGD

It’s okay. I’ve just had incredibly rough day. Want to be home – Bella

Three days, baby. You’ll be home in three days – SGD

Not at the rate we’re going. UGH! – Bella

Do I need to come out there and kick some asses? Do my kung fu? Use some of my Jedi mind tricks? Bring my bat’leth? – SGD

What the hell is a bat-whatever? – Bella

Klingon sword: two blades that can completely incapacitate their opponent. Very deadly – SGD

You are such a nerd – Bella

Geek, baby. Geek. Say it with me. G-E-E-K! – SGD

Besides, nerds are gross. Remember what I said before you left? – SGD

Right, Edward. Sorry. What time will you call? – Bella

Give me an hour then I’m yours. Kyra is with Uncle Demetri and Aunt Alex for the evening since it was going to be a late night for me. I love you. More than you can imagine, gorgeous. Miss you – SGD

I miss you and love you, too, SGD. – Bella

Beverly Wilshire Hotel

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