Sunday, March 11, 2012

The Geeks Guide to Parenthood Teaser

“What do you think Rose is having? Predictions?”

“Two boys,” Jasper answered. “Rose is such a girly girl; she’d have two boys.”

“I’m going with two girls,” I laughed.

“A boy and a girl,” Alice and Bella predicted. They giggled when they had answered at the same time.

“Want to wager on it?” Jasper asked.

“What’s the wager?” Bella responded.

“If we win, how about we choose a vacation spot?” Jasper smiled. “As a family, you know?”

“Okay, what’s your choice for vacation, Jasmine?” Bella said, leaning forward. “Keep it kid-friendly.”

“Damn it. Vegas is out,” Jasper scowled.

“You want to go to Vegas?” I snickered. “Remember what happened last time? You got married.”

“Best trip ever,” Alice smiled, kissing Jasper’s lips. “Okay, how about if Bella and I are right, we go to Europe. Visit London, Paris and actually see different parts of Italy. You like that, Bells?”

“Love it. It’s perfect,” Bella smiled. “It’ll be nice to go to Italy without the huge baby belly. Actually enjoy the trip. Edward, where do you want to go?”

“As silly as it sounds, Disney World,” I shrugged. “We went when I was like four or five and loved it. Especially Epcot. Yes, Kyra will be about one when we go, but I still want to take her.”

“I remember that trip, Edward. Emmett was particularly nasty to you,” Alice pouted.

“He tore apart my passport from the different countries in Epcot. He said it was stupid and flushed it,” I grumbled. “Asstard.”

“I’m sorry, Edward,” Bella said as she nestled closer to my side.

“It probably seems petty but when you’re five, it was a big deal, you know?” I asked as I nuzzled hair chestnut brown hair. “But, thank you, gorgeous.”

“What about you, Jas?” Alice asked. “Where do you want to go?”

“Some secluded island in the Caribbean,” he smiled. “Someplace where we can only walk around in our swim trunks and bikinis.”

“You’d look damn hot in a bikini, Jasmine,” I snorted. “A bright blue one to bring out your eyes.”

Jasper threw a napkin at me while Bella and Alice fell over in a fit of giggles. The waitress eventually came and took our order. Alex and Demetri arrived shortly afterward. They gave their predictions for the babies that Rose was having. Demetri was with me and thought that she was going to have two girls. Alex was adamant that she was going to have one of each. The bill was paid. Bella was whispering to Alice. They both had looks of glee on their faces with a touch of mischief.

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