Monday, February 13, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Update

Chapter Fifteen

The cast list was posted after school on Friday. Ashleigh had gotten the part of Elle Woods, while Austin, a junior band student, received the part of Emmett. Tyler Crowley got the part of Warner and Bree got a slew of smaller but important parts. I really wanted her as Elle. She nailed the vocal part and her dancing was phenomenal but she was too young. She physically did not look the part of a first year law student. She looked like the freshman she was in high school. Our first read-through was scheduled for Monday.

I was packing up my classroom when Edward knocked on my door. His bronze hair a hot mess, even more so since he was running his hands through it. I want to do that… "Hey," I smiled. "Any bloodshed?"

"Crowley was a bit bitter he got the part of Warner. He desperately wanted the part of Emmett. He's too pretty for the part of Emmett. Warner is perfect for Tyler. Good looking and dumber than a box of rocks. But other than that? Not so much," Edward said with a crooked grin. "Speaking of Crowley, have you spoken with Lauren?"

"I have," I frowned. "We've stayed in contact since she began homeschooling. She lost her baby."

"Oh, no," Edward said, his brows knitting in compassion. "How far along was she?"

"Her baby was a little 'older' than Mattie," I replied. "But, she stopped growing. Lauren just had the memorial for her baby girl this past weekend. It was just her and her family. I would have liked to have gone, since I've dealt with losing a baby like that, but Lauren didn't tell me until after the fact."

"Is she coming back?" Edward asked as he sat down next to me, lacing his long fingers in mine.

"No. Her parents are keeping her at home. She's not in the best spot emotionally, you know?" I said with a sad smile.

Ice Skating

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva

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