Thursday, February 16, 2012

Finding Love Through Music Teaser

A half hour later, Bella came into the kitchen. Emma squealed and hugged Bella fiercely. This was the reunion I’d always envisioned for my family. I offered Bella some pizza. She wrinkled her nose, politely declining my offer of cardboard covered with cheese and mediocre pizza sauce. I didn’t blame her. I ended up pitching the rest of the pizza. Emma suggested we go bowling after dinner. However, I decided against it. I was personally sore as hell since the choreography rehearsal the day before. Bella was also moving stiffly today.

We spent the night playing a Scattergories until Emma had to go to sleep. Bella helped with Emma’s nightly routine. While Emma and Bella were getting ready for bed, the doorbell rang. Fucking hell…now? I growled lowly and skulked to the door. Wrenching it open, I glared at my ex-wife who was standing on my doorstep. “You’re three hours late, Jessica.”

“I know,” she spat. “Work emergency.”

“Sure, Jessica,” I said, my voice filled with disbelief. “And I’m a girl.”

“Fuck you, Edward. Where’s my kid?” she growled.

“Upstairs with Bella, getting ready for bed,” I answered coolly.

“That tart is near my daughter? Oh, hell no,” Jessica sneered as she tried to push past me. I blocked her entry into my home. “What the hell, Edward?”

“You are not invited, Jessica. You’re three hours late to a court mandated visitation with a social worker,” I said menacingly. “She told me that I should not allow you entry into my home. You’ve missed your time and we’ll have to reschedule at MY convenience.”

“That fucking whore is spending time with my daughter, Edward,” she countered. “I don’t want her near Emma.”

“You lost that right when you raised your hand to MY daughter, Jessica. She’s seven. You do not hit a child,” I said, barely holding onto my temper.

“She’s lying.”

“Hmmm, who am I going to believe?” I mused. “My daughter who has never lied a day in her life or my ex-wife who has slept with half of Rush Medical Center along with half of the male faculty at Springview Central? I’ll go with Emma. You have a minute to get yourself off my property, Jessica. If you don’t, I will be calling the police. You’re trespassing on private property.”

“You wouldn’t,” she squeaked.

I pulled out my phone. “Watch me.”

“This isn’t over, Edward. You’re such a fucking asshole. This cunt is turning you against me,” she snarled.

“You will not call the woman who I love more than my own life those words, Jessica. While I hated what you did to me, I never disrespected Mike,” I yelled. “Get the hell off my property.”

“Fuck you, Cullen,” she snapped as she turned on her heel, stomping toward her car. She pulled out of the driveway, clipping Bella’s bumper as she sped away.

“God damn it,” I hissed as I jogged out to the car. The bumper was now hanging off Bella’s car. “Stupid cow.”

“Edward?” Bella called from the house. “Everything okay?”

“No. Hurricane Jessica rolled through, causing drama and destruction in her path. Your car was a casualty,” I pouted as I pointed to the now broken bumper. I held my phone to my ear. “She’ll pay. I promise.”

“Fucking hell,” Bella snarled. “What the hell am I going to drive?”

“You can use the Volvo until it’s fixed, love,” I said. “Yeah, hi. My girlfriend’s car was the victim of a hit and run…I know who the driver of the offending vehicle, too…great, see you in a few minutes. The cops are on the way, Bella.”

“I don’t even know any garages,” she pouted.

“I’ll arrange everything, Bella. And don’t even think about arguing about money. Jessica will be paying for this. She hit your car, she’s responsible for the repairs,” I said as I kissed her forehead, pulling her shivering body to mine. “Let’s get you inside until the cops come. Fuck, tonight has felt like a god damned Jerry Springer episode.”

“All we need is Jerry saying that you’re pregnant and that I’m your baby daddy,” she giggled.
“That’s just fucked up, Bella. No. Just no,” I groaned. “And trying to push a baby out of…I’m scarred, woman.”

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