Monday, February 20, 2012

Figure Eight Teaser

This morning was amazing. First, I woke up my love by licking her to oblivion. She always tasted so sweet first thing in the morning. Then, our love making was soft and gentle. Each time we made love, it was more special and perfect. However, the last time, in the shower, was intense. I never felt Bella come so hard in all of our experiences. Her muscles clenched around me so tightly, I thought my cock was going to fall off.

“Edward, you’re spacing out, babe,” she giggled.

“Just remembering our time in the shower,” I winked.

“God, Edward,” she groaned. “Don’t remind me. You’ll make me all…hot and bothered.”

“That’s the point,” I snickered. “But, we better go. We’re already late and I have no idea how to get Carlisle’s home.”

“It’s easy,” Bella smiled. “I’ll drive. I put all of our presents into a bin by the door.”

“Including our white elephant gifts?” I asked.

“Yep. Once I wrapped them, I tossed them into the bin. I seriously hope that Emmett gets the manicure set with pink and purple nail polish,” Bella laughed. “Payback for bringing a vibrator to the last Christmas party.”

“Watch, he gets the Angry Birds Game I found,” I chuckled. “Hell, I want that.”

“You are such a big kid, Edward,” Bella said, rolling her eyes.

“But you love me,” I said, fluttering my eyelashes. Bella snorted out a laugh and went to put on her coat. I slipped it over her shoulders. I grabbed my own coat and hefted the bin of presents for our friends and family. We headed down to Bella’s car, loading the bin into the trunk and driving toward Carlisle’s house on Mercer Island.

The driveway was packed with cars. Bella grumbled as we clambered up the walkway, nearly an hour late to the party. The door whipped open and Alice jumped into Bella’s arms. “We’ve been waiting! What took you so long?”

“We had issues in the shower,” Bella giggled. “No hot water.”

“It was dreadful,” I said, barely containing my smirk.

“Why do I not believe you?” Alice asked cryptically.

“Believe what you want, Wee One,” I said as I walked past her with the bin. “Do you want your presents?”


“Then shut it,” Bella finished for me.

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