Saturday, February 25, 2012

Edward Cullen: A Work in Progress Update


Edward left with Garrett and Jasper to get more Christmas lights. Out of the twenty strands of twinkling lights, only five worked. With the massive tree we were putting up, five strands would have looked pitiful. I was working in the living room with Rose in putting up some other decorations. Emmett was placing the working strands of lights on the tree next to the fireplace. Alice was talking with Esme in the kitchen with Kate. "Spill it, Swan," Rose snickered.

"Spill what?" I said with a cheeky grin.

"What the hell is on your finger? It's sparkly and shit," Rose asked.

"Oh, this?" I replied, wiggling my left hand. "Just some new bling. Whip decided to get down on bended knee. He proposed two weeks ago." God, I sounded so blasé. The man loves me enough to propose and I sound like I'm ordering a Big Mac. What the hell is wrong with you, Swan?

Emmett whipped his head around and fell off the ladder he was on by the ten foot tall tree. He clambered back to a standing position and wiped off his jeans. "What? You've been engaged for two weeks? What the hell? Why didn't you tell me?"

"Probably because you'd act like a child, Emmett," Rose giggled. "You've been so protective of Bella and Edward is not her 'ideal' man in your eyes."

"He should have asked my permission," Emmett grumbled petulantly.

"That would have been weird, Em," I said. "We've fucked. It's not every day that I get proposed to. Plus, if he needs to ask your permission that would be too bizarre for words."

"Have you chosen a date?" Emmett asked, frowning.

"Not yet. It's still very new," I said as I wistfully stared at my engagement ring. "I'm going to be Edward's wife."

"About damn time," Alice smiled from her spot by the door. "He's been waiting forever, it seems. Can I design your dress?"

"As long as I don't look like a damn bell, you can, Midget," I said as I hugged her. "Something sexy and not really white."

"Ivory satin," Alice said as she kissed my cheeks. "Slinky. It'll be so hot, Edward won't know what hit him."

We continued putting the Christmas decorations. The snow had picked up and it was getting really nasty out. As we were working, the house phone rang. I jogged to pick it up. "Hello?"

"Ms. Swan? This is Steve from the front gate. There's a Barney O'Hara needing to see you," Steve explained. "He's on foot and looks very cold."

"Send him up, Steve," I said. Barney was the detective who was assigned to Edward's arson case at his apartment. Fifteen minutes later, Barney banged on the door. He was blue. "Come in, Barney. Where's your coat?"

"Am-ambushed," he shivered. "Edward is in d-danger. J-James cl-clubbed m-me over m-my h-head and t-tossed m-me out of m-my squ-squad car. I've alerted the st-state tr-troopers but, I h-have a b-bad f-feeling…I c-came as s-soon as I g-got off the ph-phone with m-my ch-chief."

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